Concrete Sofa - The 'Take Your Seat Project' was funded by Alcoa and the Fremantle Arts Centre, Art in the Community project 2000. Coordinated by Christina McGuinness and designed by Peter Dailey. Each sofa weighs 2.4 tonnes. A collection of small-scale models has been made for the 'Take Your Seat' display. Sponsored by Alcoa and the Fremantle Arts Centre.

There are 8 sofa's in the project and these are found throughout the South West in the following Towns;

HARVEY - Uduc Road by the supermarket carpark.
YARLOOP - The Park Corner, Railway Parade and School Road.
BUNBURY - Guppy Park, Victoria Street.
WAROONA - Main Street on South West Highway.
DWELLINGUP - Marrinup Park.
PINJARRA - Cantell Park.
MANDURAH - Mandurah Arts & Crafts Centre. Corner Gibson & Sutton Street.
ROCKINGHAM - Behind the Station Youth Centre, Corner Baralda & Hefron Streets.
KWINANA - Outside Kwinana Community Arts Centre, Sulphur Road.

Harvey's 'Take Your Seat' sofa was painted by Artist Anthea Ward, working with schools, individuals and groups of the area, creating a series of postage stamps that celebrate the flowers, animals, people, pets, homes and businesses of the area. It's all about what's happening in Harvey at the time. Completed in 2000.


Uduc Road, Harvey 6220,Western Australia

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